Yang To Yin & Eclipse

60 min

Celebrate the solar eclipse with our special Yang to Yin class this Monday! 🌞🌙 Immerse yourself in the perfect balance of dynamism and relaxation as we connect with the energies of the cosmos. Join us for a unique experience where we honor the movement of the sun and moon in our practices. This solar eclipse is a rare and exceptional event, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with the universe during our special class. The next time such an experience will occur will be in a few years. Take advantage of this magical opportunity to immerse yourself in a practice that harmonizes body, mind, and cosmos. 🌌 Reserve your spot now for this unforgettable cosmic experience! ✨

Contribution: $22 + tax

Contribution: $22 + Tx

Pop - Up Class: Pranayama & Meditation

60 min

As spring begins to take hold, the year’s first flowers push themselves up through the mud to face the sun. Similarly to these flowers, we experience an awakening in the spring. But sometimes, to fully realize this awakening, we must clear away the muck and heaviness left over from the winter season.

This 60-minute pranayama practice will guide you through a series of breath, embodiment, and meditation techniques specifically designed to bring clarity and lightness to the mind and body. It will help you to wipe away the metaphorical mud, shed the weight of winter, and emerge open-hearted, ready for a new season.