Pop-Up Class: Restorative Aerial

60 min

Join us for an Aerial Yoga Special Class, where tranquility meets gravity-defying bliss. Inspired by the serene essence of Restorative Yoga, this session invites you to embark on a journey of gentle, sustained poses, each held for longer intervals.

Expect to spend a longer time lying in the hammock at the end, cocooned in relaxation.

Join us for a unique journey of tranquility and renewal.

Contribution: $28+tx

Contribution: $40+tx

Women's Circle: Sharing, Celebrating, and Creativity

150 min

A nurturing space for sharing, replenishment, and celebration among us to deeply reconnect with yourself through intuitive movement, conscious breathing, art, and active listening (and the supportive effect of the group). A time to turn inward, observe, respond to our needs, and weave an authentic community. 🫴🏽

Agenda: (may slightly vary on the day of the circle)

  • Welcome and opening circle 🤲🏽
  • Intuitive and free movement and dance! 🧚🏽
  • Breathwork – conscious breathing (gentle practice) 🌬
  • Meditation
  • Intuitive artistic creation 🎨
  • Pair sharing 📖
  • Closing circle

It’s for you if you need:

  • To celebrate the arrival of spring in community and offer a relaxed moment for your body and mind.
  • To move your body freely and express yourself beyond words.
  • To replenish yourself in a nurturing and warm space.
  • To forge authentic connections and reconnect with yourself.
  • If you wish to connect with the creativity within you.
  • If you want to practice conscious breathing (or discover it).

Share if it could contribute to the well-being of people you know. Share! Let’s celebrate! Let’s breathe in life. 🌟