Nicolas Couto

Thai Massage

Having been active since a young age, it is only as an adult that Nico became truly interested in human body mechanics and movement and delved into the worlds of yoga, martial arts, dance and natural movement. He also worked for over ten years in group facilitation, outdoor education and international cooperation with people of all ages and backgrounds. It is likely his love for working in connection with others and for improving physical well-being led Nico to complete a diploma in massage therapy in Montreal. He has since traveled and studied in Thailand and taken courses in Dynamic Thai Massage and OsteoThai, all of which has greatly influenced his practice.

Nico’s philosophy when massaging is to bring attention and soft touch in order to go deeper and to guide the receiver into aware relaxation so that they can find more control and mobility in their body. He enters into stretches slowly, warms up muscles before deep work and listens to the needs of each client. The dynamic techniques help to lubricate the joints and bring the sensation of lightness and well-being that can be experienced after a Thai massage.