Antonia Minitsos​


For as long as Antonia can remember, Yoga has been a part of her life. Her mom played a significant role in this journey through sharing her knowledge and practices with her from a young age. Antonia’s love for movement continued to flourish, from being a soccer player to becoming a strength and conditioning coach to then trusting her inner voice and completing her YTT. 

Antonia credits the depth of her practice and love of yoga to the many esteemed teachers she has studied with, particularly Daniel Castro, Nicole Jones, Katie Ribsam, Melanie Richards and her mom. In each of her classes, she aspires to offer students a safe space to move through postures in their own unique way that is centered around their bodily needs and functions. 

She pulls from numerous styles in the yoga system and functional movement to guide a relevant style to students wanting to improve the way they move. Deeply rooted in love and kindness, Antonia’s vision is to help her community better connect with themselves and others through movement and awareness.

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